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Mammary Mountain

An Interactive Experience
27th February-2nd March '24

VR art installation with haptic garment


Mammary Mountain is an intimate visceral VR experience exploring dis-ease within the body through the breast cancer treatment journey, brought to you by artists Camille Baker, Tara Baoth Mooney, and Maf’j Alvarez.

This performative art installation uses 360 video VR to communicate about the treatment of Breast Cancer. It is set in a "doctors’ office", where "patients" are fitted with a haptic jacket and seated in a bespoke chair with a VR headset to experience the immersive first-person storytelling. Audiences are led through moving stories of survivors, the treatment journey, especially the affects and effects of those treatments physically and emotionally.

Audiences are invited to partake in bearing witness to the journey of the breast cancer experience, as narrated by survivors and patients.

Within the world of Mammary Mountain, participants navigate a space that straddles perceptions of dream-like and reality. Multiple treatments, and their affects and effects on the mind and body are expanded through voices which each present their unique perspective.

The artists hope this work ignites new public engagement, ultimately resulting in a more nuanced and holistic understanding of the breast cancer treatment experience.


The piece is explored through illustrations, poetry, personal story, and field recordings of Tara Baoth Mooney, created while going through cancer treatment herself. Mooney recorded the steps from the bed in her room to the radiotherapy department, recording the machines inside and the birds and water outside. These recorded sounds and drawings have been further brought to life through the strong visual 3D landscape and evocative animation created by Maf’j Alvarez using VR. It is then embodied through a haptic garment, which vibrates in areas of the body affected by pain or discomfort mapped to the breast lymph nodes of the chest, underarm and back. Camille Baker conceived the concept, narrative framework and content development, story collection and editing, grant writing, community outreach and workshop development, staging, promotion, and executive production.

Additional team members:

Paul Hayes – Haptic design, bespoke peripheral development and electronics

Sophie Skach – Garment design, wearable prototyping, pattern design, embroidery and overall wearable construction

Leo Scarff – Chair design and construction

Lee Paul Heron & Centre Neptune – web design

Dann Emmons and Marc Coleman – Photo and video documentation and trailer editing

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