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University of Hull Art Gallery
12 April-28 May 2024

With Events & Live Arts Archive Building


Counter Points is an exhibition of works by Hull-based artist Paul G. Hughes (1966-2023) being held in The University of Hull Art Gallery, in Brynmor Jones Library.

HARI is taking these calm but provocative works as the starting point for a programme of discussions and events, as well as the prompt to build an archive of memories about Hull's Arts scenes and their influence of the past 40 years.

For both of these ventures HARI is inviting your contributions.

We began our development of the accompanying [EN]COUNTER POINTS programme with an open invite  to contribute material for the archive, to suggest a discussion topic, event or concurrent exhibition, or to participate in a panel.  If you have an idea to propose, we are still interested in hearing from you, so please email Sarah and Tom at

The following information is our initial document introducing Paul and our intentions for the exhibition and suggested programme (download the pdf).

Whilst planning for the exhibition and programme, HARI lost its precarious meanwhile space, where we had intended to show an accompanying exhibition (a counterpoint) to the University Art Gallery site. 

Having to shift premises also shifted certain perspectives of the programme, bringing increased pertinence to the SITE, LEGACY and DIY elements.  These are accompanied by themes more directly relating to his practices: GREY, CROSS and BODY.

HARI is grateful to the many artists, academics and arts professionals who are contributing responses to the resulting [EN]COUNTER POINTS programme, including presentations, discussions, performances, creative activities, and walks.

All events free and open to everyone.
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