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'Oh O SALINITY - Pheobe riley law screenshot_edited.jpg

oh o salinity

Pheobe Riley Law
14th June-20th July

HARI's 2nd Micro-Residency


The oh o salinity installation by Pheobe Riley Law seen in Humber Street Gallery was instantly recognisable as a close fit to HARI’s areas of interest.

HARI and the team at Humber Street Gallery both felt that this progression to a residency was an exciting outcome and opportunity for all parties - many thanks to Humber Street Gallery for making the transition of the work from space to space happen smoothly.


The whole INTER_CHANGE Showcase exhibition presented work that was intriguing, provocative and clearly had in-depth research and experimentation underpinning it by the programme cohort. By re-exhibiting this piece alongside some of it’s research contexts, we hope that it shows the richness of thought and process that all members of the group engaged in.

oh o salinity introduces us to aspects of the physicality of salt and it’s acquisition and use through a combination of objects, sound and film within a structure.

The nature of the research encompasses a wide range of fields of study – from science to literature – and across cultures.

The first task of the residency for Pheobe Riley Law was the reconstruction of the piece with consideration to the new site’s physicality and remit.

In bringing this piece fresh from Humber Street Gallery to HARI, Pheobe has the opportunity to regard it’s construction, to reflect upon the research undertaken to date on this subject, and to continue to make new connections through the opportunity HARI provides to engage with others.

Within this Residency period, Pheobe will also develop new materials in relation to the themes. Watch out for further events, including sound performance.

'Oh O SALINITY - Pheobe riley law screenshot_edited_edited.jpg
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