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Creating Art with Light & Projections

'Big Light' Research Workshop
Saturday 9th April

Led by artist Jay Moy


Call Out To Artists!


Artists are invited to take part in a day workshop, working in a hands-on way with other artists to explore ideas for creative works where light is a major component.

We will aim to brainstorm, prototype, and demonstrate a number of ideas, as well as identifying areas of investigation and development for future workshops.

Part of the workshop will include demonstration and instruction using Alex May's Painting with Light software.

The day will be facilitated by Jay Moy as part of the development of the Big Light project.

We are keen to hear from artists from a wide range of disciplines, and for whom working with light and projections is new to them. Places are limited so participants may be selected to give the facilitator the greatest opportunity to learn about different requirements and skill levels for this type of workshop and type of art production.

Please email HARI at if you would like to sign up for a place on this workshop, or to be kept informed of future opportunities.

The introductory Big Light research workshop provided a fascinating insight into the history and application of projections in art, and an opportunity to imagine ways – both achievable and fanciful – that we as local artists working within a range of arts disciplines might employ these techniques.


After an illuminating presentation and discussion on previous arts use of light and projection, Jay Moy showed the group some of the free software packages that can be utilised to create this type of work, before we were split into two cohorts to brainstorm ideas.


Through vibrant and amusing discussion which benefited from the diversity of viewpoints and practices of participants, both groups came up with a number of potential projects – alongside ideas which played with the properties of projection in light-hearted but less practical ways.


Jay's informed but relaxed style of facilitation enabled all participants to envisage ways that they could utilise light and projection mapping within their individual practices, and gave them the tools and confidence to begin developing ideas.


HARI is delighted to be a part of this project to share new skills and ideas for working with artists, and hopes this collaboration with Moy will be the catalyst for a range of new innovative and exciting projects for the city, with HARI as a hub venue.

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