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Alluvium // Drift

Sarah Mole & Dave Windass
4th-31st December

Live Performance Weekend 4th-5th December

Copy of Alluvium Drift (3).png

Alluvium // Drift was a collaborative exhibition bringing together the work of Sarah Mole and Dave Windass, featuring visual and sonic art, film and performance.

Together, their work explored topography, strata, boundaries, maps, politics and the environment.

The work exhibited in Alluvium // Drift was originally conceived separately, and bringing the work to HARI allowed the artists to explore ways in which their work is complementary and can be exhibited together.

Sarah Mole is a visual artist whose work explores socially engaged practice and emotional geography. She creates large scale paintings, earth textures, geo-located sound art, curated walks and is the curator and founder of Urban Picnic and What Is? Collective. Her studio is based at Shirethorn House, Hull.

Mole's paintings for Alluvium // Drift are layered, like strata, reflective like water and their appearance transforms under different lighting conditions. This body of work is influenced by topographic and stratographic maps, notably William Smith's 1815 map of England, Scotland and Wales, and research about the way we are connected to people in many locations by the makeup of the ground beneath our feet.

Dave Windass has written over 30 pieces of work for theatre and live performance and has a growing interest and developing practice in sonic art, sound design and text-based visual art.

Windass spent most of lockdown creating 500 protest posters for digital exhibition, and an environmentally-themed selection of these pieces of text-based work were exhibited publicly for the for first time in this show, along with a related film. He also performed a new piece of writing, along with an accompanying soundscape. Both artists also presented pieces of sonic art.

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