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Leading Lights Lead Me On

Sarah Pennington
1st February-6th March

Call in to share your memories of the Leading Lights,
and to engage with other themes in the research!


The text work on the window, and the red ‘drawing’ of a tower at the back of the space, are part of an ongoing arts research project by Sarah Pennington.


They are the start of an enquiry into how we communicate, what happens when we are subject to misdirection, and how we navigate the information we receive from different sources.


This project was prompted by meeting the two Leading Lights towers, 150yr old maritime navigation aids, at the edge of the Humber Estuary at Thorngumbald Clough near Paull.

Through February the artist will be encouraging the public into the space to participate in communication experiments.

Sarah will be introducing a variety of materials into the space during this part of the project. These include old Encyclopaedia and Books Of Knowledge, outmoded and mismatched communication equipment and materials like broken typewriter and fax/chart roll, and battered oil lamps to represent 'gaslights'.

Future's Ventures Foundation has supported Sarah with this project


Sarah Pennington is an artist who works with many different materials and processes, often including found objects which are found whilst walking in different environments

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