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HARI Ideas Lab

An Invitation to Share, Discuss & Enact
23rd January-30th April

With Events & Collaborations Throughout


For the Ideas Lab, HARI invites artists of all disciplines and welcomes all publics to come in and converse about their ideas - whether on subjects around art, society or systems.

Some of these ideas and conversations have been developed collaboratively between artists and HARI into events in and beyond HARI, and occupations within the space.

We are also taking the time to discuss and develop our ideas for what HARI can be and how we should operate, through reflection on it's first 18months' activity.

We invite your thoughts and reflections on HARI.

Several collaborations and developments of artists' and social activists' ponderings and proposals happened out of conversations and connections made during this period set aside for ideas.

These included sound art events, workshops, a residency, discussions, exhibitions, networking events, performances and ceremonies:

Yol in self-directed sound art Residency

An introduction by Phill myonemanband Wilson to his investigations into new tools for drumming - with presentation, demonstrations and discussion, and BYO instrument for an electro-jam! Sunday 27th January, 6-10pm.

Timebank Love Bomb collaborative take-over

UNION23 weekend

Simon-Mary Vincent performance and reflections

d3 Research In Practice exhibition - with Panel Discussion led by curator Lauren Wilson, and Czech New Wave Cinema Night introduced by Gerry O'Sullivan and exhibiting student Megan Abercrombie

Melissa Martin in Residence with 'The End of Art is Peace'

Nadair Jazz Trio weekend residency

Drone Day event, led by Brian Gilson, as part of International Drone Day.

We have further events and occupations planned, but welcome you to bring your ideas to the table!

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