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Phygital Phonics

An experimental sound art series that attempts to combine Physical and Digital events.

Sounds can be collected by anyone to fit with our chosen theme.  These sounds are then given to artists to manipulate and compose sound pieces.  The process culminates in an event at HARI and online, on our YouTube channel.

We recommend audio files to be at least 1 minute in duration.  We would also welcome files that are shorter or longer.  To help the artist get a deeper understanding of where and why the recording was taken, you can also send photos or a short written reflection.

Currently, we are collecting sounds that will form Phygital Phonics 2!  Send us your sounds of celebration.  These can be emailed to;

Phygital Phonics 2.

Send your audio files plus a photo and/or short text before 28.05.2023.

The event will take place 25.06.2023 - save the date.

Some Ideas on Recording

Pheobe Riley Law - the curator of Phygital Phonics 1. & 2. - has produced a guide to recording sounds.  

Download PDF here.

Phygital Phonics 2.

Collecting sounds of celebration.  Find out more and see the collected audio recordings here.

Micro-essay by Pheobe Riley Law to give ideas for sounds that might be recorded.

Download here.

Phygital Phonics 1.

Sounds of nature were collected.  Find out more and see the collected audio recordings here.

The live stream from 09/10/22 is below.

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