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Development of Collaborative Working
4th-18th December

Freemetre - Jay Moy and Dave Gawthorpe - are interested in the connections between people and place, and the ways this shapes perceptions, values, and attitudes.


They explore how a deeper relationship with the lived environment can enrich everyday experience.

During this residency, Freemetre will engage with the local community to develop work that explores how we see, describe, move-through, and contemplate the lived environment.

Pop in to one of their Engagement sessions to share your thoughts, memories and experiences.

In their run-up to the residency, and in association with HARI’s current Phygital Phonics project inspired by Thin Places, Freemetre led Remnant Walk – a participatory walk which transitioned from an everyday urban environment into a discrete rewilded space, a remnant shaped by constructed borders, town planning, and natural growth.


As part of the Phygital Phonics 3. culmination event, Freemetre will be performing a live improvised AV piece. Part of their activity in HARI will be leading up to this.

Freemetre Residency Holding Image.jpg
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