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Same Circle Theatre

Same Circle Theatre
22nd-23rd January

Accompanied by Andy Train on the Saturday

SameCircle R&D _HARI.jpg

Same Circle are undertaking Research & Development around themes for their forthcoming play Contradicktion – putting LGBTQI+ issues at the core, and addressing attitudes and cultures both within and outside the community.

The weekend at HARI provided Same Circle with an opportunity to engage people. They displayed visual examples of their research and processes for the public to interact with, and on Saturday they were joined by street artist Andy Train who encouraged people to dance their way into HARI!


After talking to members of the public they have taken the experiences and opinions shared and used them to directly shape their show.

The idea for the Contradicktion play began when we came together to discuss how since we had moved to Hull there had been a gap in theatre shows that had LGBTQI+ issues at their core. We discussed how when we had seen LGBTQI+ theatre shows, these often spoke about the issue of discrimination coming from outside of the LGBTQI+ community. We found in our lived experiences that very often there are attitudes and cultures within the LGBTQI+ community which are just as damaging and this often manifests in issues such as: hyper-masculinity, racism, internalised homophobia and transphobia. We wanted to create a show which addressed this. 

Although we are going into an R&D phase, meaning we don’t know how the finished show will look, we know how we want it to feel, which is fun, camp and conversational. We want our show to engage with people on a very human level and get people to engage with an issue that they may not know a lot about, in a relaxed environment where conversations can thrive during and after the show.

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