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HARI Summer Programme
1st July-30th September

Incorporating 3 Artist Residencies


Over the summer months HARI will explore themes of clothing and identity.  Our city centre location sets those conversations against the backdrop of the shifting usage of high street shops, the cost-of-living crisis, and climate emergency.  HARI aims to engage the passing public in exploring social systems and concepts through access to the working processes of artists and their diverse practices, exploring identity, personal expression and environmental sustainability.

Three core residencies will explore the themes through different practices in the project space, as we move from threads and strands – to making and re-making – to repairing and patching.

Sarah and Tom at HARI would like to acknowledge the Artists Respond grant awarded to them for this programme by the St Hugh’s Foundation for the Arts.


July: 'Common Threads'

Faith Foster and Caitlin Smith are using HARI to make a collaborative zine.  This will include testing how their practices sit together and sit within a wider community.

Events include a Craft-Conversation-Collaboration evening where people are invited to bring their in-progress craft and chat whilst working on it.


August: 'Care Labels'

Alexander E. Jones will confront the need for newness in fashion using an archive of collected remnants and patterns.

Join Alex in our Monday Musings on 7th August to unpick a text that has influenced his practice, and for other talks and activity throughout.


September: 'Open Seams'

Lisa Fielding-Smith transforms and re-imagines the fashion magazine images that we consume, utilising collage and machine embroidery.

Join Lisa in discussions and activity exploring camouflage and invisibility, mending holes and covering stains throughout the month.


Across the 3months: 'Conversation Clothes'

Karen Horsfall will begin an enquiry into clothing memories and material textures, asking you to share your stories of favourite clothes with her.

Karen will also be sharing insights into her ceramics practice, and inviting you to try out creating textures in clay.


Across the 3months: Hull Zine Library

Hull Zine Library will deliver 4 workshops, led by different artists on themes relating to clothing across the RE:DRESS period.

The first of these was run by Sarah and Thomas as a collaborative info-zine making activity exploring a material (denim) from source to garment.

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