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Tangier-Madrid Suitcase

The Aimless Archive
25th October-11th November

Artist Engagement Event 6th November

T-MS_HARI _EventFlyer.jpeg

The Aimless Archive is a project by Thomas Robinson to investigate approaches to archiving and the work that can be created from those processes. The Tangier-Madrid Suitcase contains the accumulated materials from a trip to Tangier and Madrid in 2018 and to Madrid in 2019, as well as some material inbetween. It promotes the unclear – the disordered – the difficult to read.

Inherent in the project is the idea of constant development and accumulation, artistic process over end-product, and making background reading visible.

At HARI, The Aimless Archive explored the suitcase, creating an open and informal live archiving performance. HARI provided the opportunity to experimentation with engagement – exploring the boundaries between audience, project and personal archive.

Conversations around the archive took place in the space and online at set times through the week – some pre-arranged, others responding to public interest.

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