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Exhibitions, Events & Residencies 2024

HARI aims to deliver a wide range of artistic activity and exhibitions - linked to Research & Experimentation - to engage you in 2024.

Some of the programme is led by HARI, including Residencies, Monday Musings sessions, and the Counter Points exhibition.

Some of it features artists who have brought their ideas to HARI in need of a space to develop or showcase them. 

Click on the images for more info about events.

In its fourth year, following the 6week Counter Points exhibition and programme in the University of Hull Art Gallery, HARI has moved into a fantastic new space, and is exploring what this offers for us and other artists.

Despite losing custodianship of our city centre meanwhile building (47 King Edward St), we are still experimenting with how we support artists in their Research & Development, how this is shared with other artists and the public, and with how HARI researches and explores ideas through engagement, exhibitions and events.

We are open to supporting and learning from a wide a variety of practices and style of event.  Follow us on Instagram @hari_artsresearch for events and opportunities, and contact us at if you have an idea you'd like to discuss.

RE-VIEW: July-October

HARI's Summer Programme

HARI is taking inspiration from its new home for its Summer programme, with multiple Micro Residencies responding to the space.


Throughout the Year...

Talks, Debates, Workshops & Events

In addition to developing opportunities to learn about and discuss aspects of arts practice, HARI invites you to suggest ideas for events & topics.


Philanthropy 2024

Research & Engagement in Libraries

HARI is leading an enquiry into philanthropy, past and present, inspired by James Reckitt, and resulting in an exhibition in Central Library.

The Gift - square_edited.jpg

Coming Soon...

Residencies, Exhibitions & Engagement

HARI is currently considering proposals for future residencies in its space, and exploring opportunities to engage and exhibit beyond it.

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