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Artist Engagement & Enrichment Events

Talks, Debates, Crits, Workshops, Events & More
Throughout 2022

HARI will develop and host a range of critically engaged research focused events events and learning opportunities. To provide a variety of high quality in-depth programmes and one-off events, HARI will collaborate with artists, arts professionals and other initiatives.

Other groups or artists are welcome to suggest topics for, or modes of, critical or engagement event, and to hold their their own sessions at HARI

Monday Musings


4th Monday of the Month, 6-8pm

Monday Musings at HARI is a supportive space to discuss works in progress, to reflect on ideas, and to respond to research; a space to talk, to think, to dwell.

Geared towards supporting each other’s research, each session is built around a specific theme, taking inspiration from works being shown in the Project Space. During these sessions we will respond to a critical text or artwork, and offer peer feedback on works in progress you bring to the space.

Sessions are organised and facilitated by Alex Stubbs and Sarah Pennington.

oh o salinity Live Sound Art Event


Sunday 10th July, 6-9pm

A night of experimental sound art performances curated by and developed in collaboration with Artist in Residence Pheobe Riley Law.

The performances all took different approaches and 'instruments', but originated from Pheobe's oh o salinity scores and the theme of salt.

CRAG Visit


Tuesdays TBA

The Climate Reading Art Group will be hosted by HARI on dates throughout the year - dates to be announced.

CRAG takes place in a space and online, from 6-9pm one Tuesday per month.

This Place: Study Group


Tuesday 14th June &  5th July, 1-5pm

Led by Ground, This Place is a month long programme of activity around place, our behaviours within it, and belonging.

Your Idea Here


Days and Times open to discussion

Do you feel there is an element of critical discourse or other activity missing from the local arts scene?

Do you have an idea you would like to develop in partnership or run from HARI's space?

Do you have a skill or approach you would like to share, or a topic you would like to discuss with others?


Email HARI to open conversation around new ideas and put them into practice:

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