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Research In Practice Posters

Fine Art Degree Students
9th-23rd March

Find out more about what areas interest the artists,
and how this research has influenced their practices.



"We are a group of degree students studying Fine Art at Hull College. This is our third year of study.


Between October 2021 and January 2022, we were asked to conduct in-depth research into an area of our choice.

Our work was presented as an academic poster.

The posters have a word limit of 1000 words and have been used as a starting point for a presentation to our tutors.

By exhibiting these posters at HARI we hope to continue those conversations and continue to build our knowledge."

The artists exhibiting their Posters in this show are:
Maria Donnai - @mariadonnai

Julie Fincham - @julesfinchamart

Derek Greenham

Myles Noble

Thomas Robinson - @albert_longface / @the.aimless.archive /

The show was curated and invigilated by students Maria and Thomas, who invited people to come in and speak to them about how the research influences and is influenced by their practice.

On Wednesday 23rd March, to close the exhibition, HARI hosted a panel discussion around the role of and methodologies used in arts research. The panel was led by Curator Dave McLeavy, who asked insightful questions of Thomas and Maria about the purpose and design of the posters as a format for conveying research. Thomas and Maria responded brilliantly in descriptions of the ways they explored their chosen subjects, and the broader questions of the place of research in practice. Fellow student Myles also shared thoughts on the relaying of information through academic posters. The discussions were further enriched by great questions and contributions from the brilliant group of artists, writers, curators and philosophers around the table.

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