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Exhibitions, Events & Residencies 2023

HARI aims to deliver a wide range of artistic activity and exhibitions - linked to Research & Experimentation - to engage you in 2023.

Some of the programme is led by us, including Micro-Residencies. Some of it features artists who have brought their ideas to HARI in need of a space to develop them. 

Click on the images for more info about events.

As we progress through our second year of existence and custodianship of the building, we feel we are still in a Research & Development phase - and always should be!

As we continue to programme around our own ideas and inter-disciplinary collaboration, we are open to supporting and learning from a wide a variety of practices and style of event. It is important to HARI to leave space in the calendar for inclusion of short projects and exhibitions by artists who approach us throughout the year, and we welcome you to come in for a chat or contact us at

RE:DRESS Reflections: 20/12/23-20/01/24

Exhibition of Works made in RE:DRESS

A display of works made by the artists in residence during our summer programme, and reflections on the theme.


TRACE Continuation: during IDEAS LAB

Further engagement & experiment

Exploring ways to reconnect to and reimagine urban landscapes, to create a new collaborative audiovisual piece for performance.

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Throughout the Year...

Talks, Debates, Workshops & Events

In addition to developing opportunities to learn about and discuss aspects of arts practice, HARI invites you to suggest ideas for events & topics.


Phygital Phonics3.: Event 10th December

Thin Places Audio Performances

Your submitted audio files will be used by sound artists who will perform at a hybrid onsite/online performance event hosted from HARI.


Ideas Lab 2024: January-March

In Development...

HARI is planning its Spring season around our local arts ecology and an exhibition! We will share more soon... contact us to get involved.

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Philanthropy 2024

Research & Engagement in Libraries

HARI is leading an enquiry into philanthropy, past and present, inspired by James Reckitt, and resulting in an exhibition in Central Library.

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